Thursday, March 26, 2009

New features: Better Integration with Facebook and Twitter

Hi Folks,
We are super excited to announce the numerous enhancements and feature additions to Kelpp in the last few weeks! While this blog has been quiet over this period, we think you’ll appreciate the features we’ve been busy adding during this time.

The first big change we made was to move to a new hosting company. This should allow Kelpp much more headroom with the increasing traffic we're seeing.

Another change is a cool new feature addition. We’ve now integrated twitter posting into the Kelpp request/response workflows!

How does this work? Say you are looking for something unique, say "cardamom tea" near Seattle WA and make this request on Kelpp. We will post this request to the Kelpp twitter profile at This will allow folks that are following kelppme on twitter to make a recommendation on Kelpp.

Moreover, when someone writes a review in response to this request, we will post also this fact on twitter. This allows you to easily follow recent requests or recommendations on Kelpp using any twitter client!

Of course, we value your privacy, so we anonymize your private information on our twitter feed. Only your friends will know your identity when you make a request or respond to a request!

Further, we’ve made numerous other changes to integrate Kelpp much more smoothly into your Facebook experience. Each time you make a request for anything: say for a handyman that works weekends and is reasonably priced, we’ll let your friends know about it by sending them a facebook notification on your behalf. We will also write this on your profile so your friends can help you. (assuming you give us permissions to do so)

If one or more of your friends respond to your request, we will let you know through a notification or profile post. This should allow you to follow responses to your request easily from Facebook!

We think these features should make Kelpp better integrated with the applications you already use today. If you haven’t recently used Kelpp lately, please give it a whirl! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback!