Thursday, June 11, 2009

Find More using Kelpp

We're happy to announce that Kelpp now lets you find a richer set of recommended businesses. When you search for something on Kelpp, we will show you a combined set of results that includes both:

(1) Businesses in your area that have been reviewed by Kelpp users for matching tags (for example, if you search for "sushi" you would find businesses tagged with "sushi", "fresh sushi", and "best sushi"). We indicate whether these businesses have been reviewed by any of your Facebook friends or friends-of-friends, and rank these results by their ratings.

(2) Other nearby businesses which include mentions of "sushi" in either their Kelpp reviews or their web content (using Google Local).

With (1) you get high-fidelity results that match exactly what you're looking for. With (2) you get a broad range of results - maybe not as precise but still very useful.

With this enhancement, we hope that Kelpp becomes your one-stop shop for finding what you're looking for: Do a search and get the best possible set of matches that are available. Ask your friends for recommendations and track their responses. Review a business and share your experiences with your friends.

We hope you like the changes - give Kelpp a try and let us know what you think!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Better Biz Search

We recently made an enhancement to how searching for businesses works on the Kelpp. Previously, when you searched for a business (say to write a review on it), you would see potentially two sets of results: matching businesses stored in Kelpp, and matching businesses from Google Local. While this kind of worked OK, it was a confusing and suboptimal experience for users - why can't I just get a single list of all matching businesses?

I'm happy to say we've addressed this issue and Kelpp users now have a simplified and streamlined experience when searching for businesses. Go ahead and try it out - preferably by writing a review and sharing it with your friends and the Kelpp community :) As always we would love to hear any feedback.